Keeping Your Home Safe and Dry

Gutters are not exactly the first thing you notice about a home, but they play a vital role in keeping it safe and dry. In fact, they are most often overlooked until they start to cause problems! Gutters hold the important responsibility of draining water away from your house. While it may not sound like a lot, they help prevent excess moisture from accumulating or other vulnerable areas. Once water pools around your foundation, stagnation, rot, leaks, mold, mildew, and unpleasant circumstances can occur.

When you see a home with signs of mold and disrepair, faulty or neglected gutters are likely a major cause! In fact, clogged gutters are the number one reason for wall damage and basement flooding.

We Provide Services to Satisfy all your Gutter Needs

Lasting Construction offers a variety of options to suit nearly any home style, home size, or budget. We will work closely with you to determine which type of gutter system best suits your needs. They include:

  • Seamless Gutters
  • Copper Gutters
  • Aluminum Gutters
  • Gutter Screens
  • Gutter Sleeves
  • Gutter Guards

From budget to high-end gutter replacement options, we are confident we can install a system that is right for your home.

Experienced Professionals in Gutter Replacement

Let the professionals at Lasting Construction help you. Our highly experienced crew is well-versed in gutter replacement, from single to multi-storied homes. Our expertise makes us a good fit to tackle a project of nearly any size. One way that we can ensure that the water is being routed safely away from your foundations is through a product called gutter guards. 

View of a 2-story home with fresh siding and roofing. Lasting Construction LLC.

When Is It Time To Change Your Gutters?

You will know it is time to change your gutters when you begin to observe water splashing along your eaves or water pooling around your foundation. They can be caused by the following issues:

  • Gutter clogs. Leaves and debris from surrounding trees can prevent your gutters from flowing correctly. This results in overflow that can damage the home’s foundation and even the interior of your house. 
  • Leaks. Outdated gutters may have leaks due to corrosion or damage from the weather. This can also cause damage to the interior, including mold and water damage. 
  • Improperly-sized gutters. If your gutters are too small for the size of your house, or if they are put together incorrectly, they may not be capable of correctly redirecting the water overflow away from your house. 

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Mark G.
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"Manny Ramirez and Lasting Construction are the best! They did two roofing jobs for me, one with 5 skylights and one with a copper Yankee gutter. Both times the workmanship was stellar, the work was as promised and the (very competitive) price was as quoted. His crew is reliable and keeps the job site clean. I can't say enough positive things about Manny and Lasting Construction. I almost wish I needed more work so I could hire them again."
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"Outstanding work! Manny and the team are absolute professionals: they completed the job in a timely manner; the workmanship was beyond expectations (you could see their own pride in their work), and above all, they are committed and caring to the customer. That’s extraordinary customer satisfaction. I recommend them highly and without qualification… the stuff of greatness.”
Ty Monk
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"Not only have we been referring Manny to our customers for years, but Manny installed the roof on our showroom. It was a great experience. Manny’s workers are clean, punctual, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for any roofing work you are considering."
Aleks D.
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"Highly recommend! My contractor recommended Manny and his crew and we were beyond pleased. Manny was the only one who explained to me why the roof we had prior to this was installed incorrectly and why we had so many issues. Reliable, responsive and his crew works incredibly hard. Zero complaints and our roof is beautiful."
Larissa K.
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"I highly recommend Manny and Lasting Construction. Manny is highly knowledgeable about roofing and construction, he responded very quickly to give us a quote, and the work was completed much faster than we expected. We were very impressed with their quality work on our roof and gutters."
Brian E.
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"I have used Lasting Construction for a few jobs now, most recently a roof replacement on our detached 2-car garage. Manny is up-front and respectful of concerns. The crew works quickly and neatly and does a quality job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and would definitely use them for future projects."
Danny F.
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"Manny and his team are outstanding. Fair estimates, high-quality work. On-time and complete cleanup. I had my roof and gutters done as well as my shed roof. I highly recommend Lasting Construction."
Kristen M.
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"We hired Lasting Construction to repair storm damage to our roof. Manny was very responsive and so helpful from the moment I contacted him. Great communication, timely, fair price, and quality work! Manny and his crew were fabulous, and it was a pleasure doing business with them."